Man overboard

SearchMaster Searchlight will find him automatically


Searchmasters controller has, as one of the few on the market, a 10.1 inch
LCD display.


Searchmaster's unique design gives the lamp great freedom of movement when
in use.

Other options

When buying a SearchMaster, you can choose different options
to suit your needs

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SearchMaster Controller start screen


How does it work

SearchMaster Searchlight is designed to free personnel to other work tasks at sea.

Integrated pitch and roll sensors in the lamp head for better tracking in high seas.
360 ° horizontal light beam rotation and +/- 45 ° vertical light beam movement.
Advanced control functions on the control box, either with manual control or automatic control.
Automatic light beam focus for full utilization of the searchlight, whether working near the vessel or at a distance.

SearchMaster is suitable for vessels of all sizes, as it releases personnel who normally steer the searchlight during work where a searchlight is needed.

Full automatic AIS / SART 
(Search And Rescue Transponder) / MOB (Man Overboard) monitoring, based on AIS data, with automatic tracking of the alarm's position in the water if the position is within the area of SearchMaster's operation. 

SearchMaster is available in a 170 watt and a 340 watt version. 



We calibrate all our SearchMaster Searchlight before leaving the workshop.

Before all our SearchMaster lamps are approved to leave the workshop, they are calibrated in our calibration tunnel.
Lamperne bliver kalibreret med et luxmeter for at sikre at vi får den mest nøjagtige kalibrering.

It is important to us that all SearchMaster Searchlights work 100% before they leave us. 


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