The controller has a 10.1 inch LCD display. It's used to control the searchlight or select targets.

unique Design

Searchmaster design gives the light freedom of movement when in use.

other options

When purchasing a searchlight, there are different options to choose from.

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HOw does it work

Searchmaster searchlight is designed to free up personnel for work tasks at sea.

  • Integrated pitch and roll sensors in the lamp head to improve tracking in high seas.
  • 360° horizontal light beam rotation.               
  • +/-45° Vertical light beam movement.
  • Advanced control functions from the control box, either in manual or automatic mode.
  • Automatic light beam focus for full utilization of the projector. No matter if the necessary work takes place close to the vessel or at a distance.
  • Automatic AIS / SART (Search And Rescue Transponder) / MOB (Man Over Board) monitoring, based on AIS data, with automatic tracking of the position in the water of the alarm.

Searchmaster searchlight is suitable for all vessel sizes. The solution frees up the personnel who is usually in control of the projector. Tasks at sea become more efficient.

For further information refer to the user guide or contact us.

Searchmaster Searchlight


We calibrate every searchlight before leaving the workshop.

Every Searchmaster projector is calibrated and tested in our calibration tunnel.  After that, they are approved to leave the workshop.

All searchlights are calibrated with a luxmeter to ensure the most accurate calibration.

Most importantly: we take pride in assuring that every of our lights is working without defect before leaving the workshop.

Searchlight lighting test

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